Gilmer County Facts: 2005 population was estimated at 28,000. Area 432 sq. mi., 52nd in size. Total public road mileage 523. Gilmer County is in the 51st State Senatorial District, the 7th State House Districts and the 10th U.S. Congressional District.

Old Gilmer County Courthouse
Old Gilmer County Courthouse

County seat: Ellijay, population 1,584. Other incorporated community: East Ellijay. The old Gilmer County Courthouse was built in 1904, but was recently torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. The current jail was built in 2000. Gilmer County is a member of the North Georgia RDC. They have county fire protection with volunteer firefighters, EMS, a recreation program, park, civic center, library, senior center, airport, and waste collection from bins. The county requires building permits, code enforcement, land use plan, and business licenses, has sign ordinance, subdivision regulations and animal control. There is a private hospital.

Old Gilmer County Commissioner's Office
Old Commissioner's Office

Regular commission meeting days are second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Commissioners serve terms of four years. Electorate chooses full-time chairman ACCG District 1.

Gilmer County is located in North Georgia between Pickens County and Fannin County.